Breakfast for you
Sunny side up eggs or scramble eggs
Served with bacon, roasted tomato, beans, 
butter and toasts.

(national Ukrainian soup)
Healthy hot beetroot soup made with a fragrant beef broth and 8 vegetables. Served with 
traditional rye bread & sour cream.
Cabbage rolls stuffed with veal
mince, cooked in savoury
tomato sauce. Served with dollop of sour cream, rye bread & dill.
Freshly baked traditional 
slavic buns with
four fillings to choose from:
beef, cabbage, mushroom,
Light and tender pelmeni, bursting 
with delicious natural ingredients.  
Served with sour cream and dill.
Fillings: beef & pork, beef,
chicken, three meats
Enjoy our selection of vegetarian Vareniki.
Fillings: potato&onion,
potato&cheese, potato&mushroom,
ricotta&spinach, sweet ricotta,
$4.50 per serve
Cottage cheese,basil & garlic
$4.50 per serve
With Beef
Served with sour cream and dill
Zolotaya Ribka
$5.50 per serve
Salmon & Philadelphia cheese
Served with dill
Russkaya Ikra
$10.90 per serve
For a special treat try Red Caviar Blini
Served with dill
$4.50 per serve
Sweet cottage cheese & sultanas
Sladkaya Skazka
$3.95 per serve
Toppings:Jam, Caramel,
Chocolate syrup, Nutella, Honey
  Bratwurst sausage
Finest grilled German Bratwurst with 
sauerkraut, onion & sauce of your choice
$5.95 per slice
Hand made honey cake which is very popular across East European countries

$5.95 per slice
Layers and layers of handmade puff pastry and vanilla custard with a touch of rum.
It is one of the most popular cakes in the world

$5.95 per slice
Layers of chocolate sponge, hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut meringue creates a soft and slightly crunchy texture with just a hint of Baileys liqueur. Covered with light chocolate glaze
$5.95 per slice
Traditional Austrian cake with layers of hazelnut meringue sponge combined with hazelnut nougat and butter cream glazed with fondant
Gluten Free
Black Forest
$5.95 per slice
Layers of chocolate sponge soaked in Kirsch Brandy, with a Kirsch flavoured cream chocolate mousse and sour cherries decorated with fresh cream and chocolate 
Apple Strudel
$6.95 per slice
Apple  and Raisin filling rolled
in a sweet, thin pastry
Served with ice cream or sour 
Quark Strudel
$6.95 per slice
Sweet cheese (Quark) and
Raisin filling rolled in a thin
sweet pastry.
Served with ice cream or sour
$6.95 per serve
Delicious baked dessert made of cottage cheese and sultanas
A very light, healthy and perfect with a cup of coffee or special tea
Nuts for Cinderella
$1.90 each
Nuts for Cinderella (“Oreshki”) 
are a caramel filled, shortbread 
biscuits with explosion of taste.
Goes well with your favourite
tea or coffee.